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The current version of PiFast is version 4.3, first released on July 05 2003, fixed on July 8 2003.

Documentation and help file

See the documentation file and the help file (click on the right button to download these files).

Binary sources

PiFast has been developped on windows but is available on other platforms. It should be noted that on non-windows platforms, version 4.0 is not available yet but previous version 3.3 can be downloaded.

Download PiFast43 on windows : here.

Download PiFast33 on other platforms :
hpux 10.20 : pifast_hp.gz
irix 6.2 : pifast_irix.gz
aix 4.3.2 : pifast_aix.gz

Warning : unix platforms are known to have problems on the e computation in mode #1. The other modes work well.

The program was been written in 32 bit adressing space, so no more than 2 gig of memory should be used.

Other platforms (linux, sun, ...) are not available yet.

Source code

The source code of PiFast is not available.

Constants definition files

All the collection of .pifast files that contains the data which permits to compute constants like log(2), z(3), p with artan formulas, etc, can be downloaded here :

Entire collection of .pifast files :

Alternatively, user constants files can be downloaded one-by-one the from the user constants page.

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