The pi(x) table project : reservation page

The pi(x) table project aims at computing values of pi(x) for values of x between 1.e17 and 1.e18 every 1.e14 (in a next phasis of the project, higher values will be considered). Each computation value of pi(x) is indexed by an integer I, representing the value x=I*1.e14. For example, the computation of pi(2.122e17) corresponds to the index I=2122.

Each pi(x) value is checked, by computing pi(x+delta) with delta a small value compared to x, and then by checking the difference with a sieve. A pi(x) computation timing highly depends on your machine and your value of x; for x near 1.e18, each pi(x) computation and check lasts around 3 hours on a Pentium III 1000.

Reservations are made by ranges, by specifying your start and end index.

Instructions to choose your range :

Available ranges (the notation 2300-2340 means that indexes between 2300 and 2340 are free)

No range available

All ranges have been reserved. A future computation will be soon available.

Reservation request

Enter your pseudo (if this is your first reservation, please first click here to become a contributor) :
Enter your request range in the form Start-End (for example, entering 2300-2340 means that you are going to compute the 41 following values : pi(2300e14), pi(2301e14), ... pi(2340e14)).
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Note : If you have already reserved some chunks, you can have access to your reservation ranges by cliking here