Result and status of the pi(x) table project

for 1.e16<x<1.e17



Contributors table :

Pseudo Name Country State/City contribution indicator
KON Shigeru Kondou JAPAN NAGANO 606.576
Vince Vince Mele USA IL, Naperville 60.379
xgn Xavier Gourdon France Paris 58.853
ltd Dausch, Lars Germany Unknown 34.204
vaughan Vaughan Davies Australia Sydney 23.638
fritz Fritz Krueger Germany Kiel 18.122
mawecape Mats Wernersson Sweden Unknown 10.38
Pascal Pascal Klein Germany Mainz 7.849
McBryce Martin Schroeder Germany Kulmbach 7.624
Jutral Frank Clowes United States Leechburg, PA 7.601
Toshio Marco Franceschini Italy Lucca - Toscana 5.406
jojuta Takalo Jouni Finland Kiiminki 3.189
psh Pascal Sebah France Paris 1.856
Jfraser Jason Fraser USA sunrise FL 1.258
Velociraptor Hronek Martin Austria Unknown 0.885
supp Tomas K. Czech Republic Chomutov 0.628
flohopser Hirschmann Florian Norway Stavanger 0.515
Stefan Stefan Sarin Sweden Unknown 0.353
Bananeweizen Keppler, Michael Germany Stuttgart 0.205
vfrey Volker Frey Germany Unknown 0.103

(the contributor indicator is obtained by adding the cost of each contribution of a pi(x) entry; the cost is proportionnal to x^(2/3)/log(x)^2)

Extremal values of theta found in the range 1.e16 -> 1.e17

Theta = -0.09746 for index=1802, contributor=Pascal ,
Theta = -0.02386 for index=1645, contributor=xgn .

Table of computed values of pi(x) and theta(x) (see Counting primes for more details on Theta) :

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