PiFast : the fastest windows program to compute pi
(128 million digits of p in less than 15 minutes on your computer !)
Records with pifast :
PiFast is an easy-to-use package written by Xavier Gourdon to compute p with a very large number of digits. PiFast is avalaible on several platforms, download it from here. PiFast can also compute E and a large family of user defined constants.

PiFast features

Current version : Version 4.3

Version 4.3 is released (July 2003). This version is slightly faster than the previous version. Contains bug corrections; theoritical limit size has increased from 12 Gigas to 16 Gigas decimal digits. More features and informations on pifast can be found in the doc.txt file on the downlad page.

Other Pi programs on the web

Other pi programs on the web are referenced and compared on Stu's pi page. Among those, two programs are comparable in speed with PiFast : The program QuickPi, from Steve Pagliarulo, is comparable in speed with PiFast when the number of digits is less than 1 million but becomes less efficient for larger computations. Another pi program running on Linux, named Schnell-pi and written by Dominique Delande is also comparable in speed with pifast. No windows version of this program exists for the moment.

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For any general comments or large number of digits computation experience with PiFast, send a message to xgourdon@yahoo.fr.

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