Contribute to the pi(x) project

The value of pi(x) for x = 4×1022 has just been computed !

Help us and contribute to the pi(x) computation project.

Current computation is pi(x) for x = 1023

New : Version 1.6 is now available (computation time has been reduced in the B part, for a global saving of   15%, precomputation of chunks in the A, B and C parts is always done to optimize independance of chunks).


You just need a computer with a pentium or equivalent chip, turning on windows 95, 98 or NT. Several memory mode exists, so that even computers with only 30 Mo of free memory can help. No permanent connection to internet is needed.

How to contribute to the pi(x) project

Reservation has been improved since the computation of pi(1023) :

Click here to reserve your chunks.

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