The pi(x) project

The pi(x) project is stopped for the moment

(The latest computation (pi(1023)) revealed a problem in the pix.exe program which has not been solved yet. A difference of 1 exists in the global check. Internal checks were extensively used but did not permit to locate the problem. After months trying to solve this problem, I finally decided to stop the project. I'll be back one day so that the world record pi(x) computation with the pi(x) project will continue.)

Thanks to all contributors : the value p(4×1022) is known !

The pi(x) computation project is a distributed computation of pi(x) on the web for very large values of x. (Remember that pi(x) is defined as the number of prime numbers less than a given value x, see counting the number of primes). You can contribute to this project provided you have a Pentium (or equivalent chip) machine on Windows. Each computation in the pi(x) project includes the verification.

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