The pi(x) table project

First phasis of the pi(x) table project for 1.e16 < x < 1.e17 is finished

Current phasis is now for 1.e17 < x < 1.e18

Help us and contribute to the pi(x) table project.

The pi(x) table project is a distributed computation to construct a very large table of values of pi(x) for large values of x (Remember that pi(x) is defined as the number of prime numbers less than a given value x, see counting the number of primes). The project aims at offering statistical data of pi(x) for values of x not reacheable by classical sieves. As far of today, no study of this kind have been made. And why not, you could find the first known change of sign of the function pi(x)-Li(x) ! Intersecting conjectures and hypothesis related to the statistics of this computation (like the Riemann hypothesis) are described in counting the number of primes.

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