Q: What was the aim of writing this site ?
A: Mathematical constants are not just sets of digits but an invitation to a short trip in many mathematical topics like analysis, number theory, algorithmic, ... It seemed to us that constants were a good guide. We are still working on the site and we plane to add other essays in the following months.

Q: I've found a bug in one or more pages. What can I do ?
A: Please report any error to one of the two authors, it will be corrected as soon as possible.

Q: There is a formula or a result whose author is not quoted
A: We try, whenever it's possible, to quote the author of any historical or important result, if we made a mistake or forgot an attribution, please send us any reference and the modification will be made.

Q: May I suggest to insert a result or a new formula ?
A: Yes of course, we appreciate any suggestion and we will consider it with attention.

Q: Was the site written in html ?
A: No. Except for the presentation pages, the original is in LATEX and we use the tth free software to convert it in html. Even if the display of a formula with html is not as nice as the representation of this formula with a picture (gif, jpg,...), it has the advantage to be fast to download.

Q: How can I avoid font problems ?
A: On Mac, the conceptor of tth the program which converts LATEX to html suggests to use the MacRoman policy in your navigator to eventually avoid problems. To be more precise and according to Jonathan Sondow, set the Character Set to Western (MacRoman) if the browser is Netscape Communicator, or to Western (Mac) with Internet Explorer. In case of failure he also suggests to try Western (Latin1) or Western (Windows). On other platforms, font problems seem impossible to solve; a bypass exists on some pages which are also available in a postscript version.

Q: Who are the authors ?
A: We are located in France (Paris) and are both graduates from french Grandes Écoles of Engineering and one of us has a PhD in mathematics. We are currently working as computer scientists in numerical analysis.

Q: Is the content of this site copyrighted ?
A: Yes but you are free to read it, print or used it for any private or educational usage. You can also insert any part in a work (thesis, site,...) as long as you quote both authors: Xavier Gourdon and Pascal Sebah. Any commercial use must be done with the authors' agreement.